Brooklyn Man Reportedly Following Brick Women

BRICK: A man is reportedly driving around neighborhoods in Brick asking people to sell their homes to him. The man has reportedly been following young women to their homes and trying to talk to them. The vehicle is described as a White Toyota Corolla with Massachusetts plates. The driver is a man, telling residents that he’s Jewish, recently divorced, and wants to meet girls. He has brown hair scruffy beard, brown eyes, said he was 31 years old.

“My daughter was out running! She thought he was following her! Sure enough as she was approaching the house he parked right in front of the house and got out of his car! She ran into the house and said I think this guy is following me! I ran outside and he got in his car and stared driving away! I took a photo of his car!
He turned around and drove back towards me & started talking to me! He said he was looking for unlisted homes to buy! He’s from Brooklyn and now lives in Toms river. He said he is Jewish and his name is Sam!
He looks for people who may be outside of their homes to discuss buying!

Then he started mentioning that he was divorced & if I knew how he could meet woman! I mentioned that my daughter thought he was following her & he became nervous! I told him I have his name picture and car info & he shouldn’t be approaching people! Just be careful! Weirdos out there!!”

This is one of the few stories we have about this same vehicle. As always stay vigilant.


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