Police Requesting Residents To Report Door Knocking Solicitations

BEACHWOOD: The Beachwood Police Department released the following public advisory:

Public Notice:

We are aware of a business which has been identified as ecoshield pest solutions conducting door to door soliciting through out the Borough. Our officers have made contact with numerous solicitors and explained to them the process of obtaining a door-to-door sales permit. Solicitors are required to abide by the “Do Not Knock” registry which is supplied to the business at the time of receiving their permit to solicit. Hours of operation for businesses who have been approved to conduct door-to-door sales are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Ecoshield pest solutions has not applied for or received a door-to-door sales permit and are not authorized to conduct business in the Borough of Beachwood. We are asking the community to report any additional encounters with Ecoshield pest solutions personnel to the police department.


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