Flaming Grill & Buffet Crime Scene Under Investigation

BRICK: Numerous police officers, and EMT’s are on location of Flaming Grill and Buffet. Police have closed the restaurant and put crime scene tape up around the entrance. Witnesses tell us that a major fight happened and chairs were used as weapons. “It’s a bloody mess in there. Peoples faces are all bloody. Chairs were being thrown. Food is everywhere. It’s a disaster.” The restaurant is expected to be closed for the rest of the night. “I ain’t going back in there. I got free crab legs and a free UFC fight! Man be like left cut right cut hit ‘em with that shrimp fried rice! Night made I’m outta here” Another witness told JCEN. Police have numerous people in questioning out front of the restaurant. It’s unknown if anyone was taken to the hospital. We will update as we get additional information.


  1. When it was just “Bricktucky”things like this didn’t happen. The element has completely changed. So sad.


  2. Dining out on Mother’s Day brings out the worst emotions in people. Restaurants are understaffed and totally unprepared for the onslaught of people rushing to dine in for the holiday.

    Perhaps people should cool their jets and not get emotions over less than acceptable customer service in a restaurant.

    Or better yet cook a meal for your Mom at home. Everyone will be happier, Mom will appreciate it and there will be no Food Fights like in the movie Animal House”.


  3. What’s happening across the country is now happening here. I told people this was going to happen. It’ll probably going to get worse


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