Update on Massive Five Alarm School Fire Yesterday

TRENTON: The following is courtesy of NJ Public Safety Archives:

A 5 Alarm building fire at 401 Brunswick Avenue in the City of Trenton Monday (5/15/23).

The fire begun at around 14:00 and was initially considered a small fire in the roof. Shortly after, at 14:10 a 2nd alarm was struck, prompting mutual aid into the City of Trenton, Both to the scene and on cover assignments.

At around 14:30 a 3rd alarm was hit.

At around 14:50 a 5th alarm was sent out.

In the chaos of the lingering smoke caused by the fire, Multiple house fires were reported due to exposure issues, and 911 callers being confused. As of right now I believe the City of Trenton did not have any additional fires during the 401 Brunswick Avenue building fire.

Firefighters reportedly saw a group of juveniles leaving the abandoned school, however this has not yet been confirmed.

I am unsure if anyone was injured, or if any families were displaced because of this incident.

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