Kathleen the Irish Cleanser is Still Open for Business

In a letter Kathleen Monohagan addresses customers of Kathleen the Irish Cleanser.

To all Customers and Friends of KATHLEEN THE IRISH CLEANSER

33 years ago I was moving to Point Pleasant. I was in the process of buying a house when my youngest daughter was killed by a hit-and-run. I had to go through with the purchase, but her death was devastating to me. I worked up north and was on the road thinking all the time. I ended up quitting my job. Now I had a mortgage to pay. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, so I started cleaning houses.
God is very good to me, so the business started to grow and flourish. In 1995 I remarried and young Bobby Murray my stepson came into my life. About a year or so later he came into the business and together we grew it to ten teams of workers. In 2009 I retired and Bobby brought the business to a new level.
Tragically my Bobby died in 2020. The women in the office told me they could take care of the business and in my grief I agreed. Unfortunately they not only did not take care of it, they brought it to a standstill. I recently came back and tried to pull it together, but I am an old woman now and it was my only source of income, other than Social Security.
I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused all my wonderful, loyal customers.
I must tell you all that my workers, the people who cleaned your homes all these years are not to blame. These are honest, hardworking people whom you can trust to continue cleaning your home and pay them.
There are two exceptions, however, they are the two women who worked in my office. – The 2 wrote letter to clients claiming they acquired or took over the business. This was not true when they wrote the letter and is not true today. They never paid for or acquired any part of my business. I had to go to the police to seek return of the keys of my customers they took without my permission. On the advice of counsel, I have been advised to keep my remarks brief and factual; however, I hope that each reader understands why I feel betrayed. These two women are telling people I am bankrupt or that I gave them the client list. None of this is true. They used my credit to purchase equipment and technology that they are now using. They call themselves by their first initials and properties.
In the end I know that God is in charge and His Justice will prevail. Please share this with your friends if you would.
Thank you
Kathleen Monaghan The Irish Cleanser


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