Taylor Swift Ticket Giveaway WINNER!

It’s that moment we have all been waiting for! We are ready to announce the winner of our Taylor Swift ticket giveaway. We have had so many messages regarding these tickets. From die hard Swifty’s who have amazing stories, to people who have been scammed out of thousands of dollars and want to make their kids happy. Everyone has their story, and we couldn’t be more excited to give these tickets away. However, as promised the tickets were given away at random no matter what the story is. Now, it’s time to announce the winner! The winner will be going to Taylor Swift’s concert at MetLife Stadium this Saturday May 27, 2023. The winner must message Jersey Coast Emergency News no later than Friday at 9:00pm. If the winner does not message us by 9:00 the two runner ups who will be revealed must message us to take the tickets. If the winner does message us the runner ups will not win. Thank you to all who have entered and the best of luck!

The Winner of the Taylor Swift tickets is………Barbara Fortunato! Barbara you have until 9:00pm Friday to message us for your tickets!

Our first runner up for the Taylor Swift tickets is Stephanie Erhard. Stephanie if Barbara doesn’t claim her tickets by 9:00 tomorrow evening, and you do congrats you will be going! Please message us for your chance to see Taylor!

And for our last runner up we have Taylor Mackenzie Giberson! If Stephanie, or Barbara don’t message us by 9:00 tomorrow evening you will be going to see Taylor Swift!

Have an amazing time! Thank you for everyone who participated!

Barbara Fortunato



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